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We all know treats are handy to have around. It keeps our highland cows docile and their owners happy. The problem lies that most treats are filled with molasses, starches, and other sugars that do not have any real benefit to the animal. So Highland Genetics partnered with Form-A-Feed to make a cow specific treat that tastes good, and is good for your cattle too. 

HotCoo Treats come in the shape of a cube, and just like other treats it does have some of the "fun" stuff in it to make it taste good, but more importantly its packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and a top-of-the line heat stress supplement called Hydrolac. You just cant find that anywhere else. 

Why It works

Hydrolac is a proven supplement to aid cattle in dealing with the summer heat. This helps keep your animals hydrated and healthy.  Healthy, hydrated cattle that are getting more of their nutritional needs met are more likely to maintain condition during the summer heat, have higher fertility rates, and produce more for their growing calves.  

How is it different from our HotCoo Supplement?

HotCoo Treats have nearly all the same ingredients as our revolutionary HotCoo feed supplement. The difference lies in the ratio of Hydrolac, which changes the amount you need to feed. Pound for pound, HotCoo Treats has more hydrolac in every bite then our HotCoo Supplement, so the amount that needs to fed per animal is less when feeding the HotCoo Treats. 

Feeding Instructions 

HotCoo Treats come in a 50lb bag and are designed to be fed at 1lb per head per day basis during the hotter months of the year. For $1.60 a day, you are helping your cattle handle the heat and providing some essential minerals too. Just by feeding some treats. 


Buy 1-19 bags = $80/bag

Buy 20+ bags (pallet) = $68/bag


 Shipping prices can vary on quantity bought, location, and if you have the available equipment to unload the feed. Please fill out the google form with your shipping information and we will contact you with a shipping number. Click here to fill out the shipping form.