Collection: Build-A-Coo™ Custom Calf Program

Buy a readily available Coo (that's Highland Fancy for Cow), or build your own calf with our Build-A-Coo™ custom calf program.   On these young calves, be sure to notice these are not bottle babies.  These calves need to stay on milk and on farm with their surrogate mommas until this Fall.  Calves will be available to pick up in September.

We’ve taken all the work and risk out of calf making.  We guarantee a healthy, weaned heifer calf with the genetics you select.  Calves will be registered with the American Highland Cattle Association.  Choose a live calf or click on a bull and select a female.  You can view more details on the Bulls and Dams on our main menu under Donors and Bulls. Calves typically do better in pairs.

Don’t see the live calf option you are looking for, then be sure to contact us,, to discuss your needs.  Yes, we can ship to Canada.

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