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The Highland breed is known for being hardy animals that can handle the elements, but that doesn't mean our hairy cows don't feel the heat during the warm summer months. We wanted to help out our fold. So Highland Genetics partnered with Form-A-Feed to create a product catered just for our Scottish animals, which resulted in the revolutionary Highland Cattle Supplement, HotCoo. 

Summer is a busy time of year for all Highland Producers and their animals. During the hottest time of the year our cows are raising calves and need to get bred back for next year's calving season. All while managing the heat and the insects that come with them. This "Heat Stress" can limit the production ability of a producing animal. Less milk produced by the cow, less pounds gained by the calf, and fertility on both the cow and bull can decrease. Right when we need them to be at their peak. 

HotCoo is NOT a weight gaining feed, this is a supplement full of vitamins and minerals to optimize your animals health, garlic for fly control, and an additional supplement called Hydro-Lac. This is the bread and butter to this feed. Hydro-Lac is formulated to reduce heat stress and dehydration. 

Animals thriving on a balanced diet stay conditioned easier. Not fighting fly's and insects reduces stress, and hydro-lac helps keep them stay hydrated and performing at their best. Less Heat Stress = More Productive Cows


  • Improves dry matter intake
  • Transition cows respond to meet their peak protein
  • Encourages water intake
  • Replenishes electrolyte balance
  • Reduces production losses
  • Enhances production efficiencies
  • DCAD neutral for dry cows
  • Re-establishes positive energy balance
  • Rehydrates during heat and cold stress
  • Thermo-neutral reproductive effects


HotCoo comes in the form of a pellet. It smells good, and tastes good too! This encourages the animal to eat on those hot days. When it's too warm outside, cows will spend less time at the mineral feeder and lick tub. Therefore, not getting the nutrients they need to manage the heat. HotCoo mitigates that problem. 


Feeding Instructions:

HotCoo is designed to be fed at a ratio of 5lbs per day per head. (Adult cow) It comes in a 50lb bag, so 10 cows = 1 bag per day. Younger immature animals may not need as much per day, feed to your own discretion. 


Purchasing 1-19 50lb bags = $40/bag

Purchasing 20-39 50lb bags = $35/bag

Purchasing 40+ 50lb bags = $30/bag

There are 40 bags of HotCoo on a pallet, buy a pallet and HotCoo equates out to $3.00 per head/day.


Shipping prices can vary on quantity bought, location, and if you have the available equipment to unload the feed. Please fill out the google form with your shipping information and we will contact you with a shipping number. Click here to fill out the shipping form.