GOF Broadstone 13B

GOF Broadstone 13B was a powerful white bull who originates from the famous Glen Osprey Farms (GOF) of Ontario, Canada. GOF Broadstone 13B became the North American Champion bull in 1994.  Glen Osprey Farms imported many cattle directly from Scotland over their many years of breeding.  You can see this Scottish influence in Broadstone's pedigree.  Broadstone's offspring were known to be fast growing as Glen Osprey Farms had their own bull growth testing station and culled for fast growth, large ribeye and exceptional cattle.  One of Broadstone's most well-known sons is Broadstone the 18th of Stoncliffe, a bull who was 953 lbs. at one year old and was the 2000 AHCA ROE Bull of the Year. 


Current bull mattings available

- Gray Owl's Britta

- STR Harmony




 Broadstone the 18th of Stonecliffe (Son of GOF Broadstone 13B)

We have semen available of Broadstone the 18th.. see our US Semen tab.

WL Margretta (Gray Owl's Britta x GOF Broadstone 13B)

 HG Mystique (Gray Owl's Britta x GOF Broadstone 13B)

Both Margretta and Mystique have tested negative for the nt821 gene