Schon Boden's Lydia

Schon Boden's Lydia is quickly becoming farm favorite around here. Sired by Buckwheat of Gurholt and out of Schon Boden's Claire, Lydia is a paternal sister to Highland Genetics famous donor cow, Schon Boden's Josie. Like Josie, Lydia has those highly sought after "Schon Boden's" qualities. At 12 years old she still sports her larger frame beautifully along with having great feet and a good udder. Lydia is long, wide, square, docile, and is a prime example of what longevity should look like in a highly productive cow. 

Lydia's Stats

AHCA Registration No: 51534

DOB: 9/12/2012

Color: Red

Sire: Buckwheat of Gurholt

Dam: Schon Boden's Claire

nt821 Status: Negative


Lydia's Progeny:

Schon Boden's Levi (Schon Boden's Lydia x Argyll's Jaco)

Schon Boden's Lani (Schon Boden's Lydia x Argyll's Jaco) at 6 years old with her 2023 calf. 

Lydia's Lineage:

Sire: Buckwheat of Gurholt

Lydia's paternal sister: Schon Boden's Josie

Great Grand-Sire: DH Montgomery

Great Grand-Sire: Campbell OG of Dalriada