Past Auction Results


Past Auction Results:  

April 2024 Online Auction Highlights:

Weaned AHCA Heifer. Lot Sold for $5,750

Dun, Yearling AHCA Heifer - Lot Sold for $4,900

Unregistered, Silver, 2 year old heifer - Lot Sold for $4,100

Yellow AHCA Heifer Sired by DH Exclusive and out of HVF Lady Marcy

Lot Sold for $5,750


November 2023 Online Auction Highlights:

7 year old AHCA Silver Cow and her 2 month old bull calf

Lot sold for $10,000

Red AHCA Heifer. Sired by CBS No Excuses and out of CBS Gwendolyn.

Lot Sold for $5,000

Weaned AHCA Yellow Heifer. Sired by WL Genesis and out of STR Harmony

Lot sold for $6,500

Weaned AHCA Brindle Bull Calf. Sold for $2,500

September 2023 Online Auction Highlights:


5yr old AHCA Black Cow sold bred to red AHCA Bull for a fall calf.

Sold for $5,000

Weaned AHCA Red Heifer. Sired by WL Genesis and out of WL Hail to the Queen.

Sold for $6,600

Weaned AHCA Black Heifer. Sired by GOF Beau Geste and out of HVF Lady Mallory

Sold for $6,000

Black yearling Steer. Not halter broke. Friendly. Sold for $1,500

July 2023 Online Auction Highlights:

Unregistered Silver Heifer - Sold for $4,700

Unregistered Red Heifer - Sold for $3,300

Middle-aged, Unregistered Red Cow with month old bull calf at side - Sold for $2,250

 April 2023 Online Auction Highlights: 


Red AHCA Yearling Bull - Sold for $2,500

AHCA Red Heifer (delivered once weaned) Sired by Finley Falls Duncan and out of STR Harmony

Sold for $8,200

5 units Buckwheat or Gurholt Semen - Sold for $850

3 STR Encore x Gray Owl's Britta Embryo's - Sold for $5,100

 March 2023 Online Auction Highlights: 

Silver AHCA Heifer (Black Watch Dermot x HMS Lady Nellie) bred to DH Exclusive 

Sold for $14,000


Red AHCA Heifer - Sold for $6,000



STR Encore Semen - Sold for $2,500