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Partnered with Form-A-Feed, Highland Genetics has created a top of line supplement designed specifically Highland Cattle. 

What is ColdCoo?

Highland Cattle need a balanced diet year-round to optimize their genetic potential. When the temperature is cooler and animals are less susceptible to heat stress, we pack essential vitamins and minerals into ColdCoo Supplement. to keep our animals happy and healthy. In addition to essential vitamins and minerals needed to optimize reproduction, immune response, and well-being. We add protein to help our Highland fold optimize forages by providing essential rumen nutrition. 


Why Choose ColdCoo? 

We all know Highlands are built to handle the colder weather, but it is still imperative that nutritional needs are met to keep our animals healthy during the parts of the year when dry forage intake (like grass hay), which carries low amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, is increased. The added protein in ColdCoo also supplements the animals nutritional requirements to help insure that our Highlands maintain proper condition and can utilize forage, vitamins, and minerals to their maximum potential. Cattle are very good at eating exactly what they need to create a balanced diet for themselves, and it's our job to make sure they have everything they need available to do so. However, when the scales are not balanced. Such as in the winter then the main source of food intake is Hay. (High dry matter, low nutrition) Cattle compensate by consuming more to try and maintain that balance. But when nutritional needs are met, cattle do not need to eat as much forage to maintain themselves.   Maximizing Healthy Nutrition = Feed Efficient Animals



Feeding Instructions:

ColdCoo is designed to be fed at a ratio of 5lbs per day per head. (Adult cow) It comes in a 50lb bag of pellets, so 10 cows = 1 bag per day. Younger immature animals may not need as much per day, feed to your own discretion. 


Purchasing 1-19 50lb bags = $35/bag

Purchasing 20-39 50lb bags = $30/bag

Purchasing 40+ 50lb bags = $25/bag

There are 40 bags of ColdCoo on a pallet, buy a pallet and ColdCoo equates out to $2.50 per head/day.


Shipping prices can vary on quantity bought, location, and if you have the available equipment to unload the feed. Please fill out the google form with your shipping information and we will contact you with a shipping number. Click here to fill out the shipping form.