Philip of Glengorm

Here’s your chance at the first import of Scottish Highland semen from Glengorm Castle since Jock of Glengorm in the 1980s. Jock of Glengorm is one of most influential sires in the American Highland Cattle Association herdbook.  The impact Glengorm genetics have had in the USA can be felt everywhere.

Philip of Glengorm packs those Glengorm genetics and almost 70 years worth of Highland cattle breeding into a traditional Scottish-style bull.  Glengorm has registered Highland Cattle in the Highland Cattle Society's database going back to 1954.  Philip of Glengorm is structurally correct, walks with an athletic stride and brings depth and length. Philip has 10 generations of Glengorm females on his dam’s side, dating back to the 1950s.  See all of the ancestors for Philip of Glengorm's pedigree

Philip of Glengorm's father, Philip of Richmondhill, is a powerhouse as seen in the picture below.  Philip of Glengorm's mother is an outstanding example of the quality females Glengorm is known for producing.  Glengorm females are made to cover a lot of ground in the Highlands.  They excel in having excellent feet, legs and udders. Philip of Glengorm's pedigree is a who's-who of UK-based genetics.  Most of these genetics have never been publicly available through A.I. in the past.  This is the first offering of Philip of Glengorm semen in the world. Semen will sell with a contract to be used for A.I. only, with no rights to produce embryos. Semen will be available in June 2023 or before. 


Philip's Stats:

Champion Bloodlines: Yes
HGL Power Rating (1-10): 8.9
Registration#: 64533