Auction Terms

Highland Genetics Auction Terms


  • All bidders must create a user account. We require a one-time $5.00 bidding fee in order to bid.
  • All bidding is final, it is the bidders responsibility to ensure the bidding amounts are correct.
  • Proxy bidding is allowed. You can select the automatic bidding option to use this feature.

Winning Buyer 

  • The winning bidder will receive an email indicating your purchase.
  • Highland genetics will send an invoice via email to the winning bidder within 24 hours.  The winning bidder must pay the invoice via ACH.  The full auction amount must be received in full within three (3) business days.
  • Any invoices not paid within three (3) business days are subject to a 5% late fee, if paid with seven (7) business days.  Any items not paid for within seven (7) business days, will be considered forfeited and the winning bidder will be assessed a 15% restocking fee.
  • Buyer must arrange pickup or shipping to take place within 30 days of the end of the auction.  After 30 days, the seller can assess a daily boarding or storage fee of $10 per day per lot, unless agreed upon separately by the seller and buyer.

Seller Responsibility

  • Highland Genetics will provide seller with all buyer information after sale is final. It is the seller's responsibility to communicate with buyer after the sale.  Seller should not release cattle until Highland Genetics has verified payment.
  • Seller must provide a health certificate for the transport of any animals out of the state of origin. Any tests required by a specific state for entry (i.e. Blue Tongue, Tuberculosis, Anaplasmosis, Brucellosis) are the responsibility of the buyer. 
  • Sellers are responsible for transferring all AHCA registered animals to the new owner within seven days of the animal's shipping date.
  • Seller should not release items to buyer until Highland Genetics has verified that full payment has been made and has informed the seller.
  • Seller is responsible to care for animals or to store items, up until the time the buyer has picked up the purchased items, or up to 30 days after the auction.