CBS Jade 13Y

CBS Jade 13Y is a wide cow with a lot of depth and mass. Sired by LEA Denovan Adam (Who is by DH Montgomery) and out of SVH Springvale's Jass. DH genetics are hard to come by these days and are known for passing on their high muscling in the hip and topline throughout generations of cattle. Jade's maternal side goes back to the great Jock of Glengorm along with other well-known DH genetics. Jade is a great mother and about as gentle as they come. Her calves are growthy, have won in the show ring, and have a lot of muscle mass and stride. One of her sons, CBS Jameson, produced the 2022 NWSS Reserve Champion Cow, CBS Jazzy. Between her pedigree, confirmation, and rich dun color, Jade's offspring will perform very well in anyone's program. 

Jade's Stat's

AHCA Registration No: 51121

DOB: 5/2/2012

Color: Dun

Sire: LEA Denovan Adam

Dam: SVH Springvale's Jass

nt821 Status: Negative


Jade's Progeny:

CBS Jameson  (CBS Jade 13Y x Thorardin's Gandolf)

CBS Jazzy: Jade's Grand-daughter - currently owned by Lone Star Highlands

(CBS Jameson x LEA Jaime) The 2022 NWSS Reserve Champion Female

CBS Jadyn (CBS Jade 13Y x Skye High Wayward Son) - Owned by Bluestone Ranch 



CBS Josie (CBS Jade 13Y x HSC Rebel's Jack)  - 2017 NCHCA Grand Champion Junior Yearling Heifer. Currently owned by Snowland Livestock. Pictured below is Snowland Hanna, a daughter to CBS Josie and Grand-daughter to CBS Jade 13Y


Jade's Lineage: 

Jade's Sire: LEA Denovan Adam

Jade's Paternal Grand-sire: DH Montgomery (DH White Gold x Drover Hills Lear-Gaoth)

Pictured above: Yellow Bull Calf is Highland Spice Saffron with his dam Goodwill Zila (Red Cow). Jade's maternal grandsire and great grand-dam. Photo courtesy of Highland Spice.