DH King Lear

DH King Lear is a tried-and-true dun bull with over 80 registered calves.  Lear was the 1995 get-of-sire champion bull and has gone to produce amazing progeny. This is a bull with a lot of width, depth, muscling, and produces calves that exhibit a lot of growth. Lear sports the impressive GOF Canadian lines through his sire and has tons of true Scottish Character and performance. Lear is also the maternal brother to DH Montgomery, another great bull with a lot of power and mass.  Being a dun bull Lear will throw all the colors hinging of the influence from the dam that is chosen and is great choice if you are looking to add power and performance to your herd. 

DH King Lear's Stats: 

AHCA Reg. No: 23088

DOB: 3/17/1991

Color: Dun 

205 Day Weight: 535lbs

Weight at 24 Months: 1280lbs 

Sire: GOF Wendall 3W

Dam: Drover Hills Lear-Ghaoth


Current bull mattings available

HVF Lady Marcy


 DH King Lear Lineage: 

DH King Lear's Sire: GOF Wendall 3W

DH Montgomery (DH White Gold x Drover Hill's Lear-Ghaoth) maternal brother to DH King Lear 


 DH King Lear's Progeny: 

DH Express: DH Grafton x DH Pewter Lady (By DH King Lear) - Express is a maternal grandson to DH King Lear