Gusgurlach of Windrush

One of the most influential bulls in the world, this Canadian bull is found in the back of a lot of US pedigrees, and for good reason... not only has he produced champions at the NWSS, but Gusgurlach of Windrush has been shown to improve Highland character and feet in his offspring. Here is your chance to bring these legendary genetics back to the front of a pedigree. "Gus" is very correct and produces wide animals with a lot of volume. He has good muscling and adds a lot of Scottish Highland character. Gus's sire, Iain Mor of Glenquoich, was a direct Scottish Import and staple sire to the breed in his time. Glenquoich cattle were built to be sustainable in the rocky, rugged terrain of Scotland and bring functionality and longevity to today's more modern genetics. Gus's dam brings more UK imported genetics to the table with a touch of the legendary GOF lineage. This is the ultimate outcross of genetics from around the world all wrapped up in one well-muscled and bold package.  Gus' offspring are moderately framed and are ready to work for you. 



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Gus' Lineage: 

Iain Mor of Glenquoich, Gus' Sire


Gile Buidhe of Benmore - Gus' Maternal Grandsire