About Us

Josh & Maria

Josh, his wife, Maria, and their two children, own Windland Flats in Princeton, Minn. Since 2009, their 40-plus-head operation has focused on grass-fed beef for direct-to-consumer, restaurant and grocery markets. In addition to the marketing of meat, they focus on quality AHCA-registered Highland cattle. An avid entrepreneur, Josh also owns and operates several other agriculture-focused companies. He is active in the American Highland Cattle Association and North Central Highland Cattle Association. He currently serves as the Treasurer for NCHCA.  He also serves on the Hoofbeat, Website and NCHCA Production Sale Committees for the North Central. For AHCA, Josh currently serves on the Board of Directors and is a member of several committees, including the Long-Range Plan, Breed Protection & Promotion and Highland Beef Marketing Committee (Chair).

Bruce & Samantha

Bruce and his wife Samantha started their farm Back to the Roots™ in 2016. They originally started the farm to provide clean natural food to their family. Over time highland cattle became a large passion for them. They have spent many years working to produce high-quality highlands, building on high-end genetics and pedigrees from around the world. Bruce is a member of the local fire department, is a six year veteran of the US Navy. When not farming he enjoys talking about, learning about, and helping others farms. Samantha and their three children certainly pull their fair share on the farm as they all work to build lasting traditions for the future.