Why did we start Highland Genetics (HGL)?

Highland Genetics started as an idea to simplify the sharing of Highland Genetics, while providing a place of education and learning on how to utilize genetics through Artificial Insemination and embryos.  Both Josh and Bruce believe in the breed and want Scottish Highland Cattle to continue to improve across the whole industry.  By providing easily accessible, good-quality semen and embryos, we are helping breeders curate some of the top genetics in the World.  In the Learn Section of our website, we also provide a great deal of information.  This explains how to get started, and in-a-way it can help take the scarry thoughts of artificial insemination away from breeders and add the “we can do this spirit.” 

While the Highland Community as a whole is very welcoming, starting off with Highlands can be overwhelming as you try to find the right semen and genetics.  This is true in many ways as there is no industry wide directory of every farm with semen available.

In the past, breeders would have to deal with the following:

  1. Research the herdbook to find out the bulls that are good producers out there.
  2. See if that bull was collected and if semen exists today.
  3. Google and try to find any images of the bull or progeny.
  4. Contact the last owner of the bull and/or try to find other previous owners to acquire semen.
  5. Work with a storage facility to get it shipped to you and arrange shipping. Or arrange for pick up or ship directly from the farm.
  6. Order in larger quantities, sometimes 5 or 10 units to be able to buy the semen.

These many issues and others not listed are many of the reasons Highland Genetics (HGL) started.  We take a lot of the footwork out of your purchases.  We have formed partnerships with farms across the USA and the World.  All the semen and embryos are stored in one central location and handled by a professional.  You can order all at one location, HighlandGenetics.com and be confident in your decision.  The transaction is processed online through a secure server, and you are provided the tracking information to give you piece of mind. 

Investing in your Highland Fold with quality genetics is a huge responsibility.  Being a breeder means taking the time to carefully match your cattle with the best genetics you can find for each individual female.  It is our goal at Highland Genetics to help make this process a little more enjoyable and a lot easier.

Happy Highlanding!

Bruce & Josh