July 6th Consignments

Consignments are starting to roll in! More will be added as they come. Consignment list will be finalized on June 22nd. Bidding will open July 1st. 

Anything Highlighted and Underlined is a clickable link, these will lead you to more information about the animal's pedigree and lineage. 

Before Bidding, please read our Auction Terms. Highland Genetics is not responsible for any transportation, but we are more than happy to recommend some trusted cattle haulers we have used in the past. 





WL Mira - AHCA Yearling Heifer 

AHCA Registration No: 66358

Color: Yellow

DOB: 6/22/2023

Lineage: WL Genesis (ET,PV,D) x Gray Owl's Britta (D) 

Consignor: Josh Krenz, Windland Flats, Princeton, MN. info@windlandflats.com 


We have several ET 1/2 siblings from her mother and love them all.  Mira is up there with some of the best genetics in the breed.  She is a very feminine heifer, who is going to make a great cow someday.  Mira has great feet and legs and a good temperament.

Her dam, Gray Owl's Britta, has a good udder, is very broody, long, and wide. Britta is sired by GH Mr. Chips, who was from Glen Haven Farms, which bred great cattle and show genetics. Britta is also a full sibling to Gray Owl's Bearach. The 2013 Senior Bull Champion at the National Western Stock Show and he also placed in the top of his class at several other shows in 2012 and 2013. Britta's dam comes from JAR breeding, which is very difficult to find today. Mira's 1/2 brother (WL Lincoln) was named the 2024 National Highland Show Senior Bull Calf Champion. Time after time Britta has produced some of the best calves we have to offer. Mira is no different. 

Mira's sire, WL Genesis, brings a ton of Scottish genetics to the table. Genesis is by Angus the 8th of Dunvegan, a direct Scottish Import and is out of Black Watch Portia (Gilchrist's Kodiak x Four's Emma) Kodiak was the 1996 NWSS Grand Champion Bull. Genesis is deep, wide, very square, and consistently produces very well made calves. Mira is super wide for a calf and is going to be very long with a lot of power and substance. She has also been one of our fastest growing calves this year. If you're looking to add some serious cow power to your fold, Mira is the choice for you. 

Sire & Dam: WL Genesis and Gray Owl's Britta

WL Mira 



 Cows & Cow/Calf Pairs: 


Pumpkin & Peter - Unregistered Cow/Calf Pair 

DOB: 5/20/2016 and 2/29/2024

Color: Brindle and Yellow

Lineage: Registered Bull x Unregistered Cow

Consignor: Josh Krenz, Windland Flats, Princeton, MN. info@windlandflats.com 

Pumpkin had a beautiful little yellow boy on February 29th. This is a two for one money deal. (Possibly 3!) Pumpkin is unregistered, but sports a beautiful Brindle Color (red with some black stripping and black around her nose). She is a smaller framed Highland. Pumpkin loves horse treats and will do anything for a bucket of grain. She is very friendly and very easy to have around. Pumpkin will also sell exposed to WL Genesis (AHCA Silver Bull) for a 2025 calf. She will be with him from June 24th until pickup after the sale. Her current calf Peter is little shy but very curious. We feel with some more time he will become just as friendly as his mother. Peter is also sired by WL Genesis. Peter has been castrated (steered) and will mature into a moderate sized Steer. These two would make an easy addition to anyone's herd and are very beginner friendly. 

Pumpkin & Peter    -      WL Genesis. (Sire to Peter and Bull Pumpkin is exposed to) 




Lady - Unregistered Open Cow 

DOB: 11/10/2018

Color: Yellow

Weight: 1200lbs

Consignor: Bryan Cate, Highland on the Hill Farm. Zirconia, NC. highlandonthehillfarm@gmail.com 

Lady is an easy going cow and has a great temperament, will come running to feed, loads easily and is not pushy with the others. She has given us some beautiful calves and is a great mother. She will be sold as open so will be ready to breed to your preferred bull. She is 5 going on 6 in November this year. Please note she has shed out for the summer and will wool out nicely again this winter. She is moderately sized and with her yellow color she can produce a wide variety of colored calves. Has just been vet checked and was fully vaccinated 6.10.24



Heifer Calves: 

(NOT available for pickup until weaned this fall)


Snow Flake (unregistered heifer calf)


DOB: 4/17/2024

Sex: Heifer

Color: Silver

Lineage: Silver Lining BTH x Unregistered Cow

Consignor: Dustin Peterson, D.A.C. Ranch. Delta, UT. petersedust@gmail.com 

Snow Flake will be an amazing addition to any farm! This calf has the best personality traits of both of her parents. Her Sire, (Silver Lining BTH AHCA #60840) is a big pet and her Dam is very calm and curious and careful around people. Silver Lining goes back to some notable bulls including Jock 26th of Leys and GOF Broadstone 13B.  Snow Flake sells unregistered, but is super sweet and calm with the conformation to make an excellent cow. Not to mention her beautiful silver color is in high demand! Snow Flake will be ready for pickup in October/early November when she is 6 months old and weaned off her dam. 

Snow Flake's Dam and Sire




Browny (unregistered heifer calf)

DOB: 4/14/2024

Sex: Heifer

Color: Yellow

Lineage: Silver Lining BTH x Unregistered Cow

Consignor: Dustin Peterson, D.A.C. Ranch. Delta, UT. petersedust@gmail.com 

This little gal will make a great addition to anyone's herd.  She's thick-made, square, and has a good attitude. She will mature into a nice standard sized highland. Browny sells unregistered, but is sired by our AHCA registered bull, Silver Lining BTH. (photo below). And like her sire, Browny has a lot of substance packed into a nice moderate size.  We are slowly working on halter training and she is coming along nicely. Browny will be available for pickup in October/ early November when she is 6 months old and weaned off of her dam.  

Brownie's Sire & Dam



Bear (unregistered heifer calf)

DOB: 5/3/2024

Sex: Heifer

Color: Yellow

Lineage: Silver Lining BTH x Unregistered Cow

Consignor: Dustin Peterson, D.A.C. Ranch. Delta, UT. petersedust@gmail.com 

This is the youngest on the farm. She’s coming along on a halter very nicely. She's cute as a button, very curious, and friendly. Plus her yellow color will give her future progeny a wide array of color possibilities. Will make a great mother someday. She does sell unregistered, but is sired by our AHCA Silver Bull, Silver Lining BTH.  Will be ready for pickup in early November when she is 6 months old and weaned off of her dam. 


Sire: Silver Lining BTH




Semen Lots: 


Endless Color Semen Package:

Package contains 3 Straws of conventional semen from 3 Different AHCA Bulls. No need to sacrifice quality genetics while on the hunt for some color. Final Bidding Price is for all 3 straws. 

Consignor: Highland Genetics - Princeton, MN info@highlandgenetics.com  


CBS No Excuses 

  • AHCA Reg. No: 59493 
  • Color: Silver
  • Lineage: Finley Falls Duncan X Skye High Excuse My Fr(ench)
  • See his Video Here
  • Package contains 1 Straw of conventional semen from No Excuses 

CBS No Excuses is a perfect name. This bull's pedigree, structure, and demeanor, speak perfection. Truly no excuses here... His sire, Finley Falls Duncan, was a 10-time Grand Champion and 2-Time NWSS Grand Champion at the 2016 & 2017 Denver Stock Show. No Excuse's Dam, Skye High Excuse My Fr(ench), was also the 2017 NWSS Reserve Champion Female. No Excuses is the trend for the future. He has great feet, a long stride, full body, and has the kind of demeanor people dream about. 

Wild River Bear

  • AHCA Reg. No: 65372
  • Color: Black
  • Lineage: Du Boise Lecoq X Gray Owl's Estella
  • nt821 Status: Negative
  • Package Contains 1 Straw of conventional semen from Bear

Wild River Bear is owned by RSW Rosewood Ranch. We teamed up with this great farm because honestly, we can't get enough of this bull! Bear is sired by Du Boise Lecoq ("The Rooster"), a royal Canadian Champion Bull and is out of Gray Owl's Estella. Gray Owl Farms is known Nationwide for their powerful maternal lines and legendary cattle. Bear brings mass and style to the table, he's strong throughout the hip and topline and like himself, he is producing some very easy going calves. 

 Buckwheat of Gurholt

  • AHCA Reg. No: 40625
  • Color: Dun
  • Lineage: Summit Ranch Hugo X LEA Tallulah
  • nt821 status: Negative
  • Package contains 1 Straw of conventional semen from Buckwheat

Here's a bull you just can't find anywhere else. (Literally). Buckwheat was a staple sire at the great Schon Boden Farm's and has sired not 1, but  TWO of Highland Genetics top donor cows. (Schon Boden's Josie & Schon Boden's Lydia). This old-school bull is long, wide, and absolutely correct in every way. He has consistently produced females that stand the test of time with great legs, feet, moderate frames, and beautiful udders. Even on his daughters that are 10+ years old. Longevity is the name of the game, and Buckwheat STAMPS it onto his calves. Bull or Heifer, Buckwheat not only brings color factor to the table, but genetics that have truly stood the test of time. 



Classic Red N Yellow Semen Package: 

3 Straws of conventional semen from 3 different AHCA Bulls. From Direct Scottish Imports to the Old-School Greats. There is no way you can wrong here. This package is the only place some of these bulls are publicly available. Final Bidding Price is for all 3 straws. 

Consignor: Highland Genetics - Princeton, MN. info@highlandgenetics.com


Philip of Glengorm: 

  • AHCA Reg. No: 64533
  • Color: Red
  • Sire: Philip of Richmond Hill
  • Dam: Sheila Mor 12th of Glengorm
  • nt821 status: Negative 
  • Owned by Glengorm Castle
  • See his Video Here
  • Package contains 1 straw of conventional semen from Philip

The first import from Glengorm Castle since the late Jock of Glengorm over 40 years ago. Glengorm genetics are known world-wide for being top-a-the-line. Moderately sized, amazing feet, and durable frames to handle the tough Scottish terrain. Philip is a prime example of these qualities and truly checks every box. His first caves hit the ground in 2024 and had an average birth weight of 58lbs, and are showing a lot of growth. Semen can only be bought right here at Highland Genetics. Semen from Philip will sell with a contract to be used for A.I. only, with no rights to produce embryos. Bring some TRUE Scottish genetics back into your fold with Philip of Glengorm. 

Trafalgar Samson II

  • AHCA Reg. No: 42753
  • Color: Yellow
  • Sire: E Z Acres Gifford
  • Dam: Trafalgar Fanny
  • Package contains 1 straw of conventional semen from Samson

Trafalgar samson brings size and substance to the table. He was a long, powerful bull with over 90 registered calves in the AHCA herdbook since the early 2000's. Not to mention Samson hails from the renowned Trafalgar Square Farms. These are genetics you really just cant find very often anymore. His Sire, E Z Acres Gifford, is by the great bull GOF Broadstone 13B. His dam, Trafalgar Fanny, is sired by Trafalgar Benedict. Another great bull from Trafalgar Square Farms. Trafalgar Samson II was also the sire to Twinflower Wesley, the 2012 NWSS Grand Champion Bull AND the high seller in that year's AHCA National Sale. Samson's semen can only be publicly found within this semen package.  

 DH Express

  • AHCA Reg. No: 34005
  • Color: Red 
  • Sire: GH Grafton
  • DH Pewter Lady
  • nt821 status: Negative 
  • Package contains 1 straw of conventional semen from Express

Another old-school bull with a lot of power and size. DH Express comes from the legendary Drover Hills Farms. Sired by DH Grafton, a grandson to Jock of Glengorm, and out of DH Pewter Lady. A DH King Lear/Orfhlaith 2nd of Dirtane Daughter. Express carries some of the greatest genetics of his generation that still stand true today. We don't offer semen from DH Express anywhere else and his genetics can only be found within this semen package.